Resources For Food Bloggers

Starting a food blog can be a real daunting task. I decided to start in Jan 2016 but it only happened in May 2017. Last 16 months have been a roller coaster ride learning various aspects of food blogging.

From a knowledge point of view, the difference is day and night.

Though still amateur, I have been able to set the right foot. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many wonderful people around me.  So I thought why not create a resource page that you can use to see the products and services that I use for my blog.

In addition, I also intend to give out info which is used by some of the most influential food bloggers in the country. The list will be continually evolving as I find different resources that are worth mentioning.

Food Photography Equipments

NIKON D5200Nikon D5200 – This is an entry DSLR camera but works absolutely great. All photos on yummy diaries are a result of this camera. We have been wanting to upgrade to a more professional camera but for the time being we have decided not to. We will first hone our food photography skills and then go big. Hence if you don’t have a DSLR, I would suggest (rather than spending a fortune) grab this piece and then upgrade to a more professional one once you become a master of food photography.

Nikon 50mm f/1.8G Prime Lens

Nikon Nikor Lens AF-S 50mm f/1.8 – We recently bought this lens and we are in love with it. Its again fairly inexpensive. It takes super sharp images and work absolutely amazing under low lights. This is a Prime lens which means it doesn’t zoom in or zoom out. You shoot at a fixed 50mm which is not a big deal when it comes to food photography as the food is pretty still (Your food doesn’t run away:). Also its a great lens for still photography, portraits and just normal photography around the house.

Vanguard Aluminium Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH With Gun HeadTripod Vanguard Aluminium Tripod Espod CX 203 AGH With Gun Head – Tripod is an absolute must when it comes to Food photography. We hate it when we have to compromise too much on ISO. as sharpness in food is all that matters and too much of ISO can produce grainy images. We have noticed that Tripod is the only way you can get predictably sharp results in your food photography as you can then freely play with shutter speed and aperture. This is a very cheap tripod stand that works absolutely great. If you fully extended the tripod it comes up to 5 feet. So grab your piece now.

SanDisk 64GB Extreme SD Memory CardSanDisk 64GB Extreme SD Memory Card  – We like to take all our images in raw format which gives us the ability to do some “high quality” post processing in tools like Adobe Photoshop. The only problem with raw images is that it eats up huge space – Somewhere close to 75 MB per image. Before you know it, you will be out of space. Hence buy this memory card and you are good to go.
Note: Memory Card space is also a major considerations if you are shooting video as they tend to take more space. We currently own two of these.

Adobe Photoshop & LightroomAdobe Photoshop & Lightroom :  Majority of all the food bloggers who show of their amazing pictures use these awesome tools.  Photoshop is used by food photographers to produce clean, bright and boosted food images. It is also a great tool for food typography as well. Lightroom is a more advanced tool that gives you unlimited post processing capabilities especially if you are shooting in raw format. Use their month-by-month subscription (which we use for our purpose). This is very cheap and you can discontinue any time you want.

FREEPIKFreepik : As the name suggests, there are thousands of vectors that you can use freely (however with credit to Freepik). The list includes art, images, fonts, borders etc. – it is never ending. For us vector images gives special touch/story to our images. However if you do not wish to give credit , you can opt for their premium plan. With this premium plan you also get access to their  premium vectors. We at yummy dairies use their premium plan.

CanvaCanva : Now if you decide not to go with Photoshop, this is an awesome photo editing online tool that can really make your images pop out. There are hundreds of customization and filter option that you can work with. Best part is – it is free to use. Also you would find lot of artistic fonts that you can use especially for pinterest. We at yummy diaries use this tool quite often to give some finishing touch to our images for social media sharing purpose.

Lowel EGO Digital Imaging Tabletop Fluorescent Light UnitLighting Unit – Indoor: When it comes to food photography, lighting is everything. The best part is it is freely available. We at yummy dairies click 70 percent of our photos in natural light (between Morning & Afternoon) and there is absolutely no substitute to it. However if you are in a busy schedule and can only work after sun goes down, lighting can be a big issue and you will have to rely on good artificial lighting source. Solution is to buy this awesome light. It is really simple to use with just on and off button with no complicated buttons to use. We love it and I am sure you will too.

Getting Started With Your Own Food Blog

BluehostBluehost – If you are planning to move to wordpress, first step is to buy some space from a web hosting company where your blog can live. There are many Web hosting companies which offer top notch hosting for a WordPress blog but our favorite is Bluehost. We love Bluehost because their servers are well optimized for WordPress blog and this is one of the reasons they are listed as the top recommended hosting service on the official wordpress hosting resource page. Also it provides unlimited bandwidth which is great. 

Note: and is not the same. might be cheaper but when it comes to quality and performance is way better than its indian version. We at Yummy Diaries use

Spoon & Sprout ThemeSpoon & Sprout – I was torn between the decision whether to use Spoon & Sprout OR Neptune wordpress theme. Both are great and offer amazing features. However, after much discussion and research I decided to go with Spoon & sprout because of its clean minimalist look. I will leave this decision to you i.e if you need a more colorful theme go with Neptune. Also if you do not want to buy a theme, you can also use various free wordpress themes.