Delicious Mango Shrikhand or Amrakhand – The Best Mango Dessert

Who wouldn’t like Mango Shrikhand or Amrakhand? This is probably the most yum and easy dessert you can prepare during summers. 

However you would agree that most of the time when we try to prepare Shrikhand Recipes at home they end up tasting like Sweet Lassi. In this post, my motto is to prepare the most delicious Mango Shrikhand which is not only delicious but texturally perfect.

So here is the my take on mango shrikhand (step by step recipe and pro tips included). 

Amrakhand Recipe at Yummy Diaries

Mango Shrikhand Recipe – My Mango Affair Continues

You must be wondering that this woman is crazy after mangoes – she has just started blogging and posted only 7 to 8 recipes. And already couple of them is mango based. First it was tasty Mango Panna , now Mango Shrikhand Recipe & there are few more in coming days.

Well that’s true!

Mangoes are my all time favorite especially the ripe ones (Alphonso & Kesar) because it is sweet, juicy, and has a yummy fleshy appeal to it, which I cannot resist. Hence I try to find reasons and inspirations to prepare different recipes out of it.

Today we are going to prepare the awesome Mango Shrikhand – popularly known as Amrakhand. It is a special side dish that I have seen people eat it (especially from Gujarat & Maharashtra) with full fledge meals.

How I know this?

Because I have experienced this myself. I once had an opportunity to taste a whole spread of delicious treats like Mango Shrikhand, Puris, Aloo Ki Sabji, Modak, Pooran Poli and what not. Thanks to my Mumbai & Pune Friends who invited me over, for this memorable get together. Everything was delicious but mango shrikhand was a standout. It was cold, thick, silky, creamy and refreshing. I just ate and ate and ate like a real bhukkad(foodie).

Well my love for mango shrikhand is not new.

When I was a kid, every Friday my mum would hand me bunch of coins if I behaved properly for one whole week. (Reward for being a good girl). I would then rush to a nearby Halwayi (sweet) shop with those coins in my hand & handover those coins  to the Halwayi bhayya (Confectioner) in return for a small kullad (clay glass) full of mango shrikhand topped with pistachio. The only thing left was to quietly sit on steps of the sweet shop itself and devour it with love.

Sweet Childhood Memories.

Anyways getting back to the Mango Shrikhand Recipe. I wanted to create the most delicious and texturally brilliant mango shrikhand. So I googled and tried to find an apt recipe, however there were different tips which sort of confused me on various factors like:

  • There are verities of mangoes available in the market. Which One should I choose ?
  • How much of mango pulp should I mix into the hung yogurt ? and many others..

So this is what I did.

  1. Called my friends and got the recipe. Googled and find few more recipes.
  2. Rather than just replicating the recipes, I tried to mix and match things up to see if I can take this recipe to the next level.

So, I made total of 5 batches of Mango Shrikhand trying to figure out the following:

  1. Which mango type works best ?
  2. What should be the “Mango pulp to Hung Yogurt” mixture ratio ?
  3. How long does hung yogurt take to reach the perfect shrikhand texture ?

My Hubby thinks I went overboard with this mango shrikhand recipe experiment but then the bottom line is that I liked it.  I wanted answers and I got it.

Here are my findings:

Mango Shrikhand Recipe at Yummy Diaries

Pro Tips For Making This Perfect Mango Shrikhand Recipe

  1. Avoid using Canned Mango Pulp. Why? Well the consistency and texture of these canned bought mango pulp is too thin. What I have noticed is that when you mix this up with the super thick hung yogurt it looses some of its thickness and silkiness. Hence always use Fresh Mango Pulp.
  2. I have used Alphonso (Hapoos) Mangoes for this recipe purely because it scores high on sweetness, richness and flavor over any other mango. However you can use any good quality mango. Kesar is an excellent alternate. Just Ensure that it is ripe.
  3. “Mango pulp to Hung Yogurt” mixture ratio is very important. Ensure right amount of mango pulp infuses its flavor in to the hung yogurt. Too much of pulp and you will be serving yourself a thick mango lassi. In my experiments 1:3 ratio works absolutely fine i.e for 0.5 cup of mango pulp you will have to take 1.5 cups of hung yogurt.
  4. To prepare hung yogurt, you can use either homemade curd or store bought curd but ensure that it is not sour otherwise your shrikhand will turn sour which obviously you do not want.
  5. Leave curd hanging in muslin cloth overnight (5 to 6 hours) in the fridge so that the water content is drained of completely. The reason for keeping it in the fridge and not outside is that if you keep it outside there is a risk of your yogurt going sour.

OK its time for the recipe nowMango Shrikhand Recipe at Yummy Diaries

Delicious Mango Shrikhand or Amrakhand - The Best Mango Dessert
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A Mango Shrikhand Recipe that is delicious and texturally brilliant(silky & smooth).
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
  • 3 Cup Curd(Not Sour)
  • 1 Cup Fresh Mango Pulp
  • 2 Pinch of Saffron
  • 3 Tbsp Warm milk
  • ½ Tbsp Green cardamom powder
  • 2 Tbsp mixed nuts (pistachio & almonds)
  • ½ Cup Powdered Suger
Lets prepare the perfect hung yogurt
  1. You are going to need 4 things : A Muslin cloth, A Colander , A Bowl & A Twine
  2. Place the colander in a bowl.
  3. Take your muslin cloth and place it in the colander with the ends hanging over.
  4. Pour the curd in the center of the muslin cloth
  5. Now gather all the ends of muslin cloth gently and hold them up to form a pouch at the bottom
  6. Take a Twine and tie up the muslin cloth just above where your curd is. Note: If your muslin cloth is long and big and you can tie a knot with same cloth also.
  7. Tie the open ends of your muslin cloth to one of the fridge drawer. Make sure your pouch is hanging over a bowl so that it can collect the whey(drained curd liquid), otherwise you are in for a mess.
  8. Leave it hanging for 5-6 hours for a creamy cheese like texture.
  9. Once excess water is drained, untie the twine and take out the hung yogurt into a jar
Time to prepare Mango Shrikhand
  1. Slightly warm up the milk and soak saffron in it. Keep it aside for a minute
  2. Now take the jar in which your hung yogurt is and add powdered sugar via a strainer. This ensures no grains or lumps of sugar get through.
  3. Add Green Cardamom powder, crushed mixed nuts & saffron soaked milk
  4. Add the hero of our dish - Mango Pulp and whisk the mixture together. Whisk until smooth
  5. Chill the mixture in fridge & your delicious Mango Shrikhand is ready
If its not possible for you to hang the curd to one of the fridge drawers - Simply take a colander with a jar at the bottom and place your pouch in the colander. Keep a little weight over it to help the draining process.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 Serving size--> Calories: 140 Fat: 7g Carbohydrates: 22g Sugar: 20g Sodium: 25mg Cholesterol: 15mg

The results were great. I am so glad that I did those experiment to arrive at the best possible recipe for a perfect mango shrikhand. Do try this wonderful recipe at home and let me know your thoughts. If you have any questions, feedback about this recipe – leave a comments below.

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See ya again with a wonderful recipe. Happy cooking !

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  • cakespy
    June 7, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    This sounds incredible. Looking at the ingredient list I’ve already worked up an appetite–so many of my favorite things. I love the flavor of mango, but believe it or not I don’t think I’ve ever combined it with cardamom or pistachio.

    • Pooja Thakur Hada
      June 8, 2017 at 12:26 pm

      Glad you liked it:). Indeed yes, Mango and pistachio are a great combination. I would say they are made for each other. Do try it and let us know how it worked out for you :).