How To Come Up With The Perfect Food Blog Name

Perfect Food Blog Name Guide by Yummy Diaries

Currently there are more than 100,000 food blogs out there and hundreds get started every day.

Do you want a “food blog name” that stands out amongst the crowd?

This guide, in 5 simple steps will help you choose a blog name that is so good that it will drive tons of traffic to your blog. 

Food Blog Name Is Your Brand Name

Food Blogging is an amazing journey. For us, it’s a way to connect with wonderful people around us via food. We simply love to share whatever we have learned so far. We also understand and have accepted that we cannot become food blogging superstars overnight. It takes days, months and sometimes years to build that kind of stardom.

As a blogger, out duty is to publish quality posts that can solve people’s query. 

And what happen’s when you help people ?

They start trusting you. Some great examples are pinch of yum & cookie and kate. This faith and trust build over a period of time can reap huge rewards. And as you get success, you will try to implement new strategies.


Well these new strategies will help you enhance user experience, reach more audience and in turn generate more traffic. Few example of strategies that you might implement:

  • Deploy Advanced SEO techniques,
  • Changing the look and feel of your blog,
  • Hire professional writers to create content for your blog.

Food Blog Name Tips at Yummy DiariesThe list is never ending. However, there is one thing that you cannot change.

Your Food Blog name or Domain name. Your blog name is your brand name and if you decide to change it few months or years down the lane, you risk loosing all your loyal audience that you have built for so long. Remember your popularity, backlinks and search traffic are all linked to your blog name.

Your blog name and domain name go hand in hand. Blog name is what you decide to name your brand and domain name is what people will type in the browser to visit your website/blog. Your food blog name and domain name should be same. Example: Yummy Diaries is our blog name and is our domain name.

Hence it’s important to get your food blog name and domain name right in the very first instance. In this guide, I will show you how you can achieve that.

In next 10 to 15 minutes you will have your awesome food blog name and domain name with you.

We will go step by step, so:

  • Step 1 to Step 4 will help you decide on your perfect blog name.
  • Step 5 will help you choose the best domain.

So lets begin.

Step 1 – Decide Which Keyword Type To Select For Your Food Blog Name

The first step in choosing your awesome food blog name is to decide which keyword to use in your food blog name. There are two type of keywords that you can select from:

  • Generic Keyword
  • Food Keyword 

Now you must be wondering – “ Great! But what the hell do you mean by that ?”.

Well these two type of keywords define the vision and scope of your blog. Lets take a closer look at each of these.

Generic Keyword Based Blogs

When a generic keyword is used as a blog name – it has the ability to publish anything. For example: A blog name like “Life On a Roll” is a generic keyword and doesn’t relate to Food. Hence, it doesn’t restrict the blog owner to write only about food. It could publish articles about anything – food, travel, fashion, motivation etc. 

Food Keywords for Food Blog Name - Yummy DiariesAt this point, you must be wondering ” Well Generic Keyword based blog name is great because it gives you the flexibility to publish anything. You can also extend your scope at any time.”

Isn’t it ?

Well that’s true but it also comes with lot of drawbacks. This is certainly not my favorite option. I would highly recommend you to not choose a Generic Name for your blog.

Why? Because of number of advantages that comes with food keyword types. Let’s discuss that.

Food Keyword

When you use a Food related Keyword (ex. Chef, healthy, yummy, kitchen, cooking) in your blog name you clearly send out a message that your blog is strictly food related. For example: If you decide to name your blog as:

  • Italian Yum (People might say – “Oh this must be a site where I would find all Italian recipes. I so wanted to eat Italian”).
  • Healthy Corner (People might say – “This must be a blog where I would find healthy recipes. Perfect for my weight loss program”)
  • Where to munch  (People might say – “This blog would tell us best places to eat. Based on the reviews, I can make reservations at the best restaurant”)

As you can see, including a food related keyword in each of the above blog name made a world of difference. Users just by looking at your blog name are convinced that they have arrived at the correct destination.

Any person looking for healthy salad recipes would definitely opt to browse “healthy corner blog” over “Life on a roll” blog even if both list healthy recipes. Do you see the power of including food keyword in blog name?

A Food Keyword always rules over generic keyword when deciding on your food blog name.Click To Tweet

Now that you are convinced that you will use food related keyword, next step is to choose which one by understanding the scope

Food Keyword with More Scope

If you want to cover more scope within the culinary and food world, choose a food keyword that is fit for all occasions.

For example: A blog name like “Yummy Diaries” could mean

  • A diary full of yummy recipes.This gives us the liberty to publish any recipe. 
  • A diary with details on eating-joints that serve yummy delights, hence we could also do restaurant reviews.
  • A diary with tips and tricks to take your food to the next level, hence we can share details on food blogging.

The only downside when you increase the scope is that you will find more competition when compared to using targeted scope keywords in food blog name. This mean a bit difficult to rank in search engines.

Food Keyword with Targeted Scope

If you want to cover only targeted scope choose a food keyword suited for that specific area.

For example :

  • A blog name like “Where to munch” should concentrate on reviewing restaurants. It will not attract significant traffic if instead of reviewing it suddenly starts publishing recipes.
  • A blog name like “SOUPS weds SALADS” will not attract traffic if instead of publishing salad recipes, it suddenly starts publishing dessert recipes.

Advantage here is that competition is less when compared to More scope keywords. After-all how many blogs do you know that are just dedicated to tell you about salad recipes ? Much easier to rank in search engines.

Best is to ask yourself the following questions :

  • Why do you want to start your food blog ?
  • What do you want your food blog to be about ? Try and be very specific (what kind of food will you be cooking, Is it a blog about healthy recipes or any other recipe , Is it a blog about food photography)

This should help you decide on food keyword that you would like to use in your blog name.

Step 2 – Be Unique In Choosing Your Food Blog Name

Unique Food Blog Name Ideas at Yummy DiariesToday people like creative and catchy names. Gone are the days when you can just put the most common food keywords like “cooking” or “kitchen” next to your name (ex. Pooja’s Cooking) and boom you have your blog name. You need to standout.

In our view, playful food related keywords work the best.

Playful food keywords are keywords that connect us with food in the most easy and honest way. You use them in your everyday life. Few examples:

  • I am damn hungry, look at my tummy!  and you get your blog name as “Hungry Tummy”
  • This cake is so good it’ll melt in your mouth – and you get “Melting Delight”
  • This is yummy! I need to note down this recipe in my diary! – and we got “Yummy Diaries”

Playful Keywords tend to hit the right cord with users love and emotion towards food.

Some Playful Keywords that comes to my mind : tummy, foodie, Melting, craving, pinch of, a bite of, spice, honey, flavor, bake, delicious, divine, tasty, yummy, crispy, sweet, sizzle, seasoning, veggie, feast, heat, pickle.

Once you have a list of words relating to the type of food blog you want to start, mix and match these keywords to to find your awesome food blog name.

Let me quickly do this exercise, so that you get what I am trying to say.

A Blog About Recipes & Restaurant Reviews

Spoon + Yum = Spoon of Yum

Crave + Bowl = Craving Bowl

Tummy + Delight = Tummy Delights

Yum + Plate= Yum On My Plate

Foodie = Foodie On A Roll

A Blog Only About Healthy Vegan Recipes

Healthy + Roots = Healthy Roots

Veggie = Veggie House

Green + Lean = Green And Lean

Chop + Green = Chop Chop Green

Veggie + Tummy = Veggie Tummy

 Step 3 – Your Food Blog Name Should Be Easy To Write And Easy To Pronounce

Food Blog Name Guide at Yummy Diaries

The name of your blog must be easy to write and easy to pronounce.

Imagine if we would have named our food blog name as “Scrumptious delicacies by pooja” instead of “Yummy diaries”. In that case, we wouldn’t expect people to visit our blog. What do you think the problem with “Scrumptious delicacies by pooja” is:

  1.  Too long.
  2. There is a chance of people mistyping the word (especially the word scrumptious) in the browser and ultimately landing to a different site.
  3. It’s not that easy to pronounce when compared to yummy diaries.

These small things can have a big impact on users decision to visit your blog or not.

One more important thing you need to keep in mind is that:

In food blogging, word of mouth is a very important marketing tool. Hence avoid homophone words (words that sound the same but are spelled differently) in your blog/domain name. Let me give you a simple example.

Jack decides to be creative and name his blog/domain as He uses homophone words in two places.

  • Your is replaced with Yore
  • And is replaced with n.

He thinks its cooler this way. He soon gains popularity because of his food photography skills. One day Mary, another influential food blogger mentions about Jack photography skills in one of her public speaking and urges people to visit People go home and type in“” instead of Surprise! Surprise! They get a page not found error. You cant blame people – That’s how they were taught the spelling of Your, And.

Do you see how homophone words denied traffic to Jacks blog?

Step 4 – Ensure The Food Blog Name Is Available On Social Media Platforms

PerfectFood Blog Name Guide On Yummy DiariesTo drive more traffic to your food blog, you would use Social Media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc and promote your posts and photos. Hence its important that before you lock in your blog name, do a quick search to find out if the food blog name you are trying to settle down is available on these platforms or not.

This is one step that we missed and we still regret it.

So our blog is Yummy Diaires but we promote our photos on Instagram at YummyDiairesbypooja because the keyword yummydiaires was already taken up by somebody else. This might also drive our traffic to a yummy dairies profile on instagram that we do not own. But we cannot do anything.

Hence do not make the mistake that we made. I will give you a simple free tool with which you can check this on all social platforms in one click.

  1. Got to NameCheck Tool 
  2. All social media boxes highlighted in green means they are available.

This should help you decide whether to lock your food blog name or choose another one.

Step 5 – Secure The Perfect Domain Name For Our Food Blog

Perfect Food Domain Name Guide at Yummy DiariesShow time !

You have decided on your blog name and now its time we make our blog name our official brand name. To do this we need to buy our domain name so that people can reach out to us.

Now my advise here is to always choose a .com domain extension. I have seen people go with .net or .org if they don’t find their .com version available. That’s not the best practice.


You should always avoid using .net or .org and instead use .com because :

1. .Com is way popular and widely known extension than .net , .org or any country specific extension like .in (india) , .au(Australia). People remember brandnames more than extensions. Whenever you hear someone start typing www…you naturally expect a .COM at the end.

2. .Com are easy to rank in Search engines when compared to .net, .org. Don’t believe me ? Just type in any word in Google Search engine and see how many websites other than .com are showed on the 1st page of the results. Answer is None. Hence if SEO is on your mind, go with .com domain extension.

But I still haven’t answered your question – What if .com version of my decided brand name is not available.

What should I do ? 

Answer is Simple – Choose some other name for your blog for which .com version is available. Don’t compromise ! 

To check if .com version of your brand name is available or not you can visit any domain registrar like Godaddy. If you want a website similar to yummy diaries, I suggest you sign up for a hosting account with bluehost  and you will get a .com domain name for free. 

I hope you would have benefitted from this guide and would choose the best possible food blog name. If you have any feedback, question or tip you would like to add to this post, leave a comment and I ll be happy to oblige. 

Also do join our blog for more tips on food blogging.

Until next post, happy blogging !